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Benny Madrid + Fight Your Way Out

Great things do happen to people that 'Dream Big", and just find the courage and perseverance to pursue them!

Benny's life story of persistence, toughness, and perseverance is an inspiring one. Benny grew up in a tough neighborhood in South Phoenix, and turned his life around to pursue his dream of becoming a Professional Mixed Martial Artist. The catalyst and fuel to his transformation was to continuously "Dream Big", work hard, with the hopes that one day he would reach his destiny. Today, Benny shares his journey with the hopes of inspiring children, teens, and adults to pursue their dreams, and not settle for mediocrity.


In 2010, a majority of our effort and resources were being focused to support Maryvale Wrestler and Pro MMA fighter Jose Cortez, and his family as he courageously fought Germ Cell Cancer. The Cortez family exhausted all financial resources they had, to keep Josee in this fight.  Our objective was to raise funds, which would enable Jose to travel to Indiana where he would undergo a specialized treatment regimen specific to his rare and aggressive type of cancer.  The Cortez family and FYWO continue to be grateful for the generosity and support of so many, wanting to help Jose fight for his life.

On January 29, 2011,  Jose (25), father, son, brother and friend passed away in Phoenix, Arizona. To cherish and carry Jose's memory in our hearts forever, we decided to introduce a new FYWO division: to directly assist and raise funding for research for underprivileged children and teens that have been diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition.

The Cause

What future do children envision for themselves? What opportunities are presented to them as they grow up? Many children grow up amid poverty, violence, and illness. They see their families, friends, and communities suffering from the effects of alcoholism, unemployment, incarceration, AIDS, or a lack of educational opportunities. Many children, however, are resilient and manage to succeed despite a negative environment. Although not all children are faced with adverse circumstances, our Nation’s well-being requires that every child in every community be guaranteed the opportunity to reach his or her full potential.

Providing children with the opportunity to develop positive behaviors is the foundation of most efforts to prevent youth crime and violence. Effective strategies include comprehensive approaches that provide opportunities for education, mentoring, conflict resolution training, and safety; engage youth and their families; and are community-based and integrated.

DID YOU KNOW: There is evidence that 25 percent of adolescents are at significant risk of veering off that path because they frequently engage in behaviors with negative consequences, such as alcohol or other drug abuse, unprotected sexual activity, delinquency, or violence.

In recent years, the capacity of America’s low-income rural and urban communities to provide critical positive activities or environments has declined. Public schools in many areas have deteriorated, and the quality of public education has been compromised. City parks and recreation centers are in disrepair, and financial support for youth facilities and programs has decreased, leaving high-risk environments for youth.


STEP IN: Fight your way out. Learn how to Get Involved and how YOU can make a difference.


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The Program

FIGHT YOUR WAY OUT (FYWO) is a 501(C)3 that is dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and directly assisting kids and young adults, to fight for a chance to live the life they truly deserve.

FYWO has two main programs dedicated to:

1) Assisting underprivileged children/teens through the mentorship of professional athletes. FYWO is committed to breaking cycles of poverty, crime, and negative influence through in the lives of children who otherwise would not recognize the potential they posses.

2) directly assisting and funding research for underprivileged children/teens that have been diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition.

We believe that our Programs can be a significant game-changer, . This one belief guides us, and inspires us to help change the lives of the kids & young adults we serve.

Give Back

Fight Your Way Out (FYWO) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  All of our programs, events and resources are possible due to the very generous donations, of both businesses and individuals like you. There are plenty of opportunities to donate and sponsor our programs.

To make a monetary donation click here.  For all other types of donations, please contact us at info@fightyourwayout.org


There are many  opportunities to volunteer with Fight Your Way Out. We have volunteer opportunities: at specific events, peaking engagements, fund raising events, and during new program development.  Please contact us to learn more.

Become a Partner

Our partners are organizations that support us in various ways.  The generously provide us with resources to help make “The Dream” a reality for all the kids impacted by FYWO’s efforts. Please contact us to learn more about becoming a partner.

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